Eastern Perfumery: Pierre Montale’s Aoud Rose Petals

Montale Aoud Rose Petals Scent Dynamics: Opens up with a field of roses, or at least a giant rose bush.   Oud comes out strong 5-10 minutes later and wrestles with the rose about 20 minutes.   During this stage, Aoud Rose Petals is a sharp.   I think that the medicinal quality of oud hides in its […]

Montale Dark Aoud

Dark Aoud. Combination of smooth sandalwood and raw, medicinal oud. The top layer is oud. Strange, medicinal, and disturbing. The layer underneath is sandalwood. Smooth, deep, and alluring. Together, these layers are harmonious, dark and majestic. The effect on the wearer is that of wonder, introspection and slight melancholy. Somewhere deep at the bottom of […]