Sycomore, Les Exclusives de CHANEL: Glamour Meets Comfort

Sycomore, Les Exclusives de CHANEL Sycomore is universally described as a vetiver and sandalwood combination.   Imagine how vetiver smells.   Now imagine the scent of sandalwood.   Now mix those two in your imagination.  Did that?  Good.   What you got probably smells nothing like Sycomore.   Yes, Sycomore has a dominant vetiver note.  And yes, the vetiver rests […]

Evaluating Sentiment

Today I am going to be reviewing the usefulness of web and social media tracking to find information, as asses user sentiment on the house of Amouage.   I decided on Amouage because it is well known, and had recently been the target for reformulation accusations.   I will be using Social Mention and Board Reader to […]

Social Media Release – MiN New York

Contact: Min New York / +212 206 6366 / INFO@MIN.COM   MiN New York launches ‘Members Only’, new collection of limited edition collectible art objects MiN New York introduced MEMBERS ONLY, a collection of hand-gilded candles, to commemorate exclusive and private clubs throughout history.  The first series of MEMBERS ONLY features three designs based on New York’s […]

Forest Inspired Scents

This video is a commentary to Andy Tauer’s blog post “Engage” Andy Tauer reflects on a hike he took through the Alps.   He writes about how hiking has the ability to clear one’s mind, and about the outdoors being a terrific place to reflect on developments in one’s life.