Why Perfumers Shouldn’t Blog

Strange how there are so few recognized perfumers with blogs.

I think that perfumery, like any other high art, is based on its secrets, and the stigma around it.   Perfumers are legends.  They are artistic geniuses with olfactory visions which words can not touch.   Just imagine if Dominique Ropion decided to write and his flowery prose was no match for the Carnal Flower?  People would not forgive him for taking part in an art which is not his.   Or worse yet, what if he was to start revealing industry secrets, and tell us that the production cost of one of his Malles ranges from $1-10 per bottle?   Or even worse yet, what if he starts gossiping and tell us that Pierre Bourdon has bad taste in ties?   What then?  He will bring down matters of genius to a level of a commoner, and that is devastating to our perception of an artist.  For that reason, I would rather have perfumers leave it to us, the olfactory commoners, to praise their works.


2 thoughts on “Why Perfumers Shouldn’t Blog

  1. I can think of another reason: perfumes are like children. They rarely do as their parents tell them to. Each person who wears a perfume sees a different facet and it would only do wrong to have the perfumer delineate the perfume and thus limit its potential.

  2. We already know the costs for Malle’s perfumes are likely around 10$ a bottle, so no surprises there. But I’d read a perfumers blog. As long as there is disclosure, why not? One can choose not to read, vs telling someone not to write. I suppose the worst thing for me, beyond their potentially poor taste in fashion (wouldn’t that be photos anyways vs writing? Should perfumers Instagram? lol ) would be if they were mean spirited jerks. That would possibly influence whether or not I’d want to buy their creations. Maybe. I still watch Woody Allen movies though, so who knows?

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