Marine rot and forest fire – what not to love?

Histoires de Parfum – Ambrarem


I had a blotter with Montblanc Legend in my pocket from this morning.  After spraying some Ambrarem on my wrist, I took out the blotter and realized that Ambrarem is niche at its finest.   Why?  Because in comparison to a mainstream scent, Ambrarem is very very difficult to enjoy.   Give it to your average WalMart shopper, and they will recoil in horror, yet the perfume community is raving about it.

What not to like?  It is truly marine in a way that only a beach can smell after a storm subsides, and the tide goes out, leaving marine life to rot under the sunlight.  May not sound pleasant, but the only people who would not feel a sense awe at this natural beauty, are those who have never seen the sea.

Once the ocean calms down, the oud comes out.  It is smoky, resinous, and acts to put the marine accord on solid ground.   The scene which comes to mind involves camping somewhere along the Pacific Northwest Coast, getting stranded in a heavy downpour, and then trying to start a fire to warm yourself and dry your clothes.

This scent has a strong masculine element to it.   I am having a hard time figuring it out, but it is something which reminds you of an old toolshed, complete with gasoline and greasy, oil soaked rags.

While not exactly pleasant, it is complex, evocative, and very original.

It was love at first sniff, but after buying a bottle, I realized that I have a very hard time wearing it as it is overbearing regardless of how much you apply.

I give it an 8/10 for everything except wearability, which I give it a 2/10 for.

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