Evaluating Sentiment

Today I am going to be reviewing the usefulness of web and social media tracking to find information, as asses user sentiment on the house of Amouage.   I decided on Amouage because it is well known, and had recently been the target for reformulation accusations.   I will be using Social Mention and Board Reader to find a total of 10 conversations about the brand, and assign a sentiment score where -1 is for negative, 0 is for neutral and +1 is a positive sentiment.

Board Reader: 

1) First result is from momsnet.com , a parenting resource, on their Style and Beauty Scent of the Day thread, which you can view here.   Forum member “fuckitthatlldo” writes: “SOTD: Amouage Lyric. It’s very lovely – a floral oriental with rose and incense. Beautiful drydown, but good god the price! I’ll just stick to my sample I think.”  Based on the short description, I can tell that the member likes it, but not enough to buy a bottle.   Sentiment Rating: +1

2) Second post is from a Malaysian general forum, in the men’s lifestyle section linked to here.  In a thread asking for advice on men’s fragrances, user airinaqausara mentions trying Amouage beloved and finding it “his cup of tea”.   Sentiment rating: +1

3)Third post comes from the PurseBlog forum’s “What perfume are you wearing today?” thread, where user Treshold states that she is wearing Amouage Jubilation 25, and even provides a picture.   Since she is wearing it, I give this post a sentiment rating of +1

4) Perhaps the most absurd result is from Godlikeproduction.com, a fringe forum for conspiracies, where in a thread titled “Ladies: is it normal to have sex with a guy only to see what he smells like?”  an anonymous user writes that he wears Amouage Interlude which gets him intercourse all the time, but at the cost of $280 a bottle. Sentiment Rating: +1

5) The next relevant post is again from the PurseBlog, where in a thread about Signature Scents, user N_Architect writes that her signature scent is Amouage Reflection.   Sentiment Rating: +1

Total Sentiment Score from BoardReader: 5/5

Social Mention:

1) First hit on Social Mention is Twitter post linking to a video review of Amouage Homour Man by FragranceBros. Sentiment Rating: +1

2) Second result is from LusciousCargo’s, an online store, twitter post, which indicates that their scent of the day is Amouage Homour Man, and reminds that they offer free shipping.  Sentiment rating:  +1

3) Third result is from a facebook user Maria Kanevskaya who review’s Nina Ricci’s Farouche where she mentions Amouage Dia (woman presumably), describing it as “precious”.  Sentiment Rating: +1

4) Next relevant result is again from a facebook user Anna Petrovski, where she mentions that her discovery of an Amouage boutique, was one of the most memorable events on her trip to Kuala Lumpur.  Sentiment Rating: +1

5) The last result is an instagram post showcasing a photo captioned as “present to the neighbor”, depicting a whole set of Amouage’s Men’s fragrances.   Sentiment rating: 0, since I do not have enough information whether the user likes the neighbor or not.

Total Sentiment Score from SocialMention: 4/5

Conclusion:   In my opinion, neither of these tools do a good job of tracking a brand’s online presence or user sentiment.   A quick look at Basenotes.com or Fragrantica.com review sections can give a much better understanding of what users think of a given house’s fragrances.


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