Knize Ten – A breath of life in this old perfume.

To me, Knize Ten is not a perfume.  It is a tasteful accessory.   It falls in the same category of unusual, but exquisite items like the JLC Reverso, Montblanc 149, or a John Lobb William.

Knize Ten is a fundamentally classic fragrance.  Unchanged since the 1920’s, it had inspired a whole genre of leather fragrances, which then themselves became classics.  Etro’s Goma, and Serge Lutens’ Cuir Mauresque come to mind.  Ninety years later, Knize Ten, being as modern as a 90 year old, retains a large following.

The reason behind its success is an understated elegance.  After all, this fragrance was created by one of the finest suit makers of the day, in a historic period when all men wore hats, jeans were reserved for yard work, and sneakers could not be conceived off.

As far as the scent is concerned, it is a violent leather with oil, gasoline, spices and amber.  Terribly difficult to wear, temperamental, enormous, willful, and overpowering, it has that rare attribute of a masterpiece: it comes alive on the skin.

This leathery beast gets a 10/10.


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