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MiN New York launches ‘Members Only’, new collection of limited edition collectible art objects

  • MiN New York introduced MEMBERS ONLY, a collection of hand-gilded candles, to commemorate exclusive and private clubs throughout history. 
  • The first series of MEMBERS ONLY features three designs based on New York’s private clubs:  Union Club, Casa Blanca, and the Mudd Club
  • Retails at $195, MiN New York’s MEMBERS ONLY is the first ever eco-luxury candle collection in the world.
  • Each hand-adorned in 22 carat gold or platinum, 500 candles of each editions are signed and numbered. These coveted objects of desire are hand-crafted in bone china from Stoke on Trent, England.

candlesMUDD_CLUB_640 UnionClub1_640Casa_Blanca3_640


“True luxury is not disposable nor continuously available. Our objective for MEMBERS ONLY was simple– to offer truly the finest candles ever, made entirely by the hand of skilled artisans,” shared Chad Murawczyk.

“When your candle is lit, the warm glow of the light will beautifully shine through,” Founder & CEO of MiN New York

ABOUT MiN NEW YORK : Founded in 1999 by Chad Murawczyk, SoHo New York City’s MiN New York creates and curates niche products from around the world. Home to rare perfumes and a treasure trove of scents, a specialist is assigned to each new guest upon arrival at the atelier. Named as a TOP 5 PERFUMERY IN THE WORLD by Basenotes Reader’s Choice Award, MiN New York is known for its bespoke shopping service, timeless grooming products, the art of living, sensory events, and dear old things. Sensory Experts Chad Murawczyk and Mindy Yang also consult on luxury trends, olfactive branding, and brand experience design.

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3 thoughts on “Social Media Release – MiN New York

  1. I wouldn’t want to use the candles even if I could afford to buy them. It almost seem to be a pity. Yet, without burning the candles, the scents probably wouldn’t be fully release? That would be a catch 22 situation.

  2. Fortunately, they made this candle to be used. There are refills available for when you burn through the original candle. It would be a shame to not see the candle light make the bone ivory come alive.

  3. Visually these candles are gorgeous! I can only imagine how they would smell!

    I love scents and can see the value in these finely crafted candles. While I may be on a student’s budget right now, I will keep these beautiful pieces in mind.

    The quote from Chad Murawczyk regarding the fact that true luxury is nor disposable not continuously available was very poignant. The scarcity model always works well with luxury goods.

    Thanks for an interesting post!

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