Evaluating Sentiment

Today I am going to be reviewing the usefulness of web and social media tracking to find information, as asses user sentiment on the house of Amouage.   I decided on Amouage because it is well known, and had recently been the target for reformulation accusations.   I will be using Social Mention and Board Reader to […]

Eastern Perfumery: Pierre Montale’s Aoud Rose Petals

Montale Aoud Rose Petals Scent Dynamics: Opens up with a field of roses, or at least a giant rose bush.   Oud comes out strong 5-10 minutes later and wrestles with the rose about 20 minutes.   During this stage, Aoud Rose Petals is a sharp.   I think that the medicinal quality of oud hides in its […]

Knize Ten – A breath of life in this old perfume.

To me, Knize Ten is not a perfume.  It is a tasteful accessory.   It falls in the same category of unusual, but exquisite items like the JLC Reverso, Montblanc 149, or a John Lobb William. Knize Ten is a fundamentally classic fragrance.  Unchanged since the 1920’s, it had inspired a whole genre of leather fragrances, […]

Social Media Release – MiN New York

Contact: Min New York / +212 206 6366 / INFO@MIN.COM   MiN New York launches ‘Members Only’, new collection of limited edition collectible art objects MiN New York introduced MEMBERS ONLY, a collection of hand-gilded candles, to commemorate exclusive and private clubs throughout history.  The first series of MEMBERS ONLY features three designs based on New York’s […]