Frederic Malle Noir Epice


Frederic Malle’s Noir Epice.

This is a delicate perfume. There is orange, geranium and rose. It is an aged perfume. There is cedar, nutmeg, and clove. I find the composition to be nostalgic.

Smelling Noir Epice is like finding your favourite fall coat from your college days. You remember how much you loved it, the good times associated with it, and how dashing it made you feel. You are happy that you found it. It still looks great, and you wonder why you haven’t worn it in so long. But wearing it out that night, you notice that it is a little torn on the sleeve, and a bit worn out on the elbows, and that it is just not you any more.

Noir Epice is an evocative and a romantic scent. The rose, woods, and spices are intoxicating. Despite being a bit aged and a bit too sensual for my taste, this one begs to be worn.

Perfectly unisex.


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