Amouage Epic Man

Amouage Epic Man

Epic Man is a strange fragrance because it balances opposite accords. There is a pungent, dry, woody accord. It is resinous, and bitter. Then there is an aromatic accord, which is invigorating, peppery, and almost citrusy.

Epic is like a late summer day when it is not yet cool, but no longer warm. The delirium of summer heat is behind you, and the gravity of the colder seasons is still ways ahead. Epic is like those days when your life is balanced, and you are ready for a lifetime of focus and action.

Epic is about a life fueled, not by a reckless passion, but by discomfort, focus, and a desire for excellence. Epic is masculine and rich, but not luxurious. It does not show off. There are no sweet gourmand notes. There are no evocative florals. It does not try to draw you in with sweetness, seduce you, intoxicate you, and take you away from the present. It is a composition without sensual distractions.

It reminds me of the life reaffirming and invigorating state you find yourself in, when, forgetting all physical comforts, and focusing on taking actions, you accomplish an important task, or overcome a great difficulty. There is an undeniable beauty in that.

It has excellent longevity, is not overpowering, and begs to be worn all the time.



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