Fall Favourites – Review of Chanel Les Exclusives Coromandel

Chanel Les Exclusives Coromandel

Coromandel reminds me of Saturday sauna at my Uncle’s house decades ago. He had an old cedar sauna where he would pour equaliptus oil on the hot stones and whip the guests with birch branches for a massage. Later, we would drink herbal tea and eat chocolates.
The effect was calming and intoxicating.

The effect of Coromandel is calming and intoxicating. It conveys a feeling of having cognac and chocolates after a large meal. Coromandel is satiated, heavy, non transparent, luxurious, and rich.

It is not a summer scent. There is a gravity to it that makes it perfect for the colder days when the sidewalks are covered with colourful, rotting leaves, and you have just pulled out your favourite sweater out of storage . I see it as the perfect scent to wear to a bar late on a cold night.

It is a feminine scent which does not scream of sexuality. Instead, it whispers it. This is a scent for gentle, quiet, fall time romance. For whispers and meaningful glances. It could be worn by a man. I’d have to say that this is a scent best worn for yourself and those you love.


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