Montale Dark Aoud

Dark Aoud.
Combination of smooth sandalwood and raw, medicinal oud. The top layer is oud. Strange, medicinal, and disturbing. The layer underneath is sandalwood. Smooth, deep, and alluring. Together, these layers are harmonious, dark and majestic. The effect on the wearer is that of wonder, introspection and slight melancholy. Somewhere deep at the bottom of the scent you can smell a certain sweetness.

Dark Aoud a perfume for the imagination. It is a smell of dark woods, fur, night, spices, tar. It is a story of another world, hidden from, and forgotten by our civilization. It paints a picture of a dark temple in the middle of a forest, majestic and calm, slightly frightening, but alluring.

Dark Aoud is emotive and suggestive. It is Like waking up from a dream from which you can not remember, but which will leave you emotionally effected for the entire day ahead.

Dark Aoud is the smell of a hut in the forest, filled with dried mushrooms, herbal medicines, leather bound manuscripts, berry preserves, and bee’s wax candles.

Dark Aoud is a modern fragrance, which reminds you of some truth hidden from modernity.


2 thoughts on “Montale Dark Aoud

  1. When you say Dark Aoud is “medicinal”, do you mean in the liniment/band-aid manner of Serge Noire? I tried that and it was like I’d spent too much time in a haunted hospital ward.

    Very evocative review. I like oud scents but I’m pretty sure this one won’t work for me. 😉

    • Hi Sasha,
      Serge Noire is a difficult fragrance. I bought a travel spray of SN two years ago, but traded it shortly. I do not recall many notes in common between Dark Aoud and Serge Noire.
      Thank you for your comment.

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