On Scottee and Perfume Application

Today I Digged: Eau de Toilette, a short film by a performance artist Scottee, which starts out slow, but gets out of control fairly quickly.   While some may see the video as a guide on layering, for many it will present an exaggerated, but a totally relatable  story of their relationship with fragrances.   For me, this video raises the subject of perfume application and the question of “how much is too much?”

While there are several ways to apply fragrance, I do not recommend doing it the way Scottee did.   What I do recommend is as follows:

1) Apply fragrance to your stomach if you want to experience it at different times through out the day.  Application to the stomach area will keep the fragrance under your shirt and away from your nose except for those times when your body warms up, or when you sit down, making the air move from under your shirt.   This is a great way to avoid olfactory fatigue.

2) Apply fragrance to the palm of your hand.  Fragrance heats up quickly and surprises you every time you move your hand closer to your face, or even rub it on another object.   Perfume does not last long on your hand, so use this method if you want to get frequent but intermittent exposure to the perfume over a short period of time.   You may want to avoid this method if you are going to be shaking hands often. 

3) Apply to the top of your hand.   This is my most trusted method when evaluating fragrances.   You are not exactly wearing a fragrance this way.   A dab to the top of your hand will not project far, but will stay on your skin for a long time, allowing you to smell your hand at your volition.

4) An unusual method I came across a while back on the forums included adding perfume oil to a quart of water, which you pour over your body, allowing yourself to air dry afterwards.   This is the most time consuming, and resource intensive way to apply perfume, but it results in a very evenly distributed application, and terrific sillage.

Stay tuned for a discussion of “how much is too much?”




One thought on “On Scottee and Perfume Application

  1. This was actually quite educational for me. I have to admit I’d never before thought about why people applied perfume to different parts of their bodies — and I’d always assumed perfume was for the benefit of others, not the person wearing the perfume. I’ll never look at my wife’s rituals the same way again.

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