Time to write

Like many other industries, niche perfume industry is inseparable from social media.  Unlike mainstream fragrances, one can not go to the nearest department store and sample a selection of scents before making a purchase.  But since the quest for that perfect fragrance is never ending, you always find yourself on facebook groups, forums, and blogs reading lengthy discussion about the notes, imagery and theory behind new fragrances, old fragrances, and obscure perfumes.   If you are lucky, you will find your scent twin, or at least someone who manages to express their olfactory impressions with words you can understand – an incredibly complicated task – and creates imagery which you are able to relate to.    Over the past few years I have been doing just that – reading, buying, thinking and thanking those people who have put their scent impressions on paper.   I think it is time for me to repay the favour and  start writing a review blog about the fragrances which have accumulated in various places around my residence over the past few years.   


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